Update from the Hindu Kush

I was thinking of explaining why it’s been so long since I last recorded my thoughts. On reflection the reasons would be lame and the truth is simpler, it being that I haven’t cared enough. With 86,400 fleeting seconds in very day, 1,400 precious minutes and 24 shining hours there is the time. If there is anything we don’t get round to doing it’s simply that we dont care enough. We’ll never find the time if we don’t make the time. The woman in the picture knows this truth.

This man made the time to sow patches on his jeans. I’ve made the time to train, write some letters, read a great book that is a gift from my beautiful wife, called, ‘Sons of Obedience’, participate in Bible studies, visits to cafes, restaurants and. oh yes, work.  I love having work that requires keeping fit.   

How’s it going for you? Are you examining your heart? Discovered any hidden parts recently? Had any of those moments where your anger, idleness or lack of compassion spills over in thought word and deed? Are you stubbornly ignoring those moments, making excuses, blaming others or using them to see where your character needs work. You gotta look at where you wanna be when you die:


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