This is a powerful picture. The woman’s expression is revealing her true attitude to those people who may gaze upon her beauty. I have no doubt if she chose she could provide a display of vivacity but instead she seems to say, “really, is that all I am to you, an object of desire with good legs?”. Her look is accusing, sanguin, resigned, ambivilent, sad. She saying, “find me a real man, who’ll protect me, provide for me and cover my body from the salacious mankind’s gazes.”

She’s the kind of woman Jesus would exhort us to treat with the honour, dignity and value due a sister. A woman he would offer rest, peace and comfort, in a world eager to exploit her by persuading her to use her body for gain. Her expression is a plea for escape but without knowledge of the path that will lead her to liberty, freedom, truth and Love.

Shall we hope that this Easter someone crosses her path and shares the greatest story ever told? Shall we hope that what the world is so keen to hide from her will be revealed? Shall we hope another lucrative source of income, from an industry ravenous for the marketing value of beauty, is removed and this woman’s purity restored? How wonderful to see her look of contempt transformed to one nobility and purpose.

Happy Easter



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