Keeping them Shorter in the Hindu Kush

My friend, the atheist, is a frequent and passionate correspondent with me here in the Hindu Kush. He provides me a window on culture’s received wisdom into what I supposedly believe. What he seemingly fails to get is that you need to be on the team to appreciate the game plan. From his perspective you can have some idea but you need to come to practice, rehearse the calls and establish relationships to really understand what’s going on.

The thing I don’t get of his team is why they bother: If your convictions are that all science, rational and plain common sense make the idea of a Creator God ridiculous. If all religion causes mayhem and the Bible is a medieval conspiracy cooked up among secretive church councils, why bother with life? Apparently ‘nothing’ is what follows death. Your body stops functioning and you are no more, the end, finished, pushing up the daisies. We come from nothing and are going nowhere.

By staying alive you face old age, pain, struggling relationships at work, amongst friends and in your family. For many of you this will include divorce, premature death of those you love and meaningless accidents that leave you devastated.  Even if you are happy now it can be but temporal, death will simply be a joyful end to the inevitable consequences of life! You’ll have saved yourself all the heartache of living.  In the words of the MASH song, “suicide is painless it brings on many changes.” You’ll even be doing those you love a favour because they can get through the grieving process; miss you for a few seasons, find new loves, distraction, passions and desires. Soon you’ll be nothing but an increasingly distant memory.  Would that not be kinder than spending a lifetime with them and then abandoning them to loneliness in old age? Why is it that most atheists cling so rigidly to life?

“To me the logical path of atheism leads at best to suicide and at worst to a lifetime of confusion, frustration and depression.”

I had a great letter from a godly friend of mine who is in his mid twenties. Can you imagine keeping yourself pure for your wife that you have yet to meet? How caring, generous and loving is that my women readers?  But then he’s another of these crazy followers of Jesus who reckons he’s tapped into the source of Love.  A misguided fool to my atheistic friend.  I wonder if Tom’s wife will think the same when they meet?

Tom said that he enjoyed my blogs but counseled me to keep them shorter….

”Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.”

Read Hebrews 13 ESV  |  Read Hebrews 13:4 ESV in parallel


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