71 Teacher Faces Justice

This is the story of the 71 year old man found guilty of abusing children when he ran a primary school in Devon. Multiple testimonies convinces a jury of his guilt. It was revealed after the verdict that he had been sentenced for stealing from the school and motoring offences.

How does that make you feel when you hear of people who years after their crimes are held to account? Sex attackers, murderers, abusers. Living oblivious of the suffering of their victims and then, boom, the long arm of the law stretches out and collars them. Feels good doesn’t it?

Feels good to me. I love the idea of those filthy, perverted men, who are the causes of peoples’ nightmares and trauma, who have initiated cycles of abuse and violence, not knowing when the next DNA test is going to lead the forces of justice to their door.

We love to see justice done. We love it. Tell me you don’t, I double dare you to tell me you wouldn’t want to see someone face the severest sentence for harming someone you dearly love. So don’t come to me with liberal spirtualism, your loving spirit being, or kama, that allows everyone into spiritual nirvana once they die because we’ve all got a spark of goodness in us.

You love justice and you want justice for those you love because you love them. Join the dots people, love and justice are synonymous. You don’t need a weak wristed, liberal, cumbaya god that you can manipulate: the god of success, intellect, philosophy or corrupted humanism; you need a God of Love.

You may think your life is going mighty fine without him but you ought to know he has your DNA. He has a record of every crime, each trangression, each unkind thought, malicious word and envious glance.

That pride that in your mind puts you on a pedestal,  makes you lord over your life and gives you the answer to life’s mystery. That pride is drawing you to the dock. To stand before a God who is Love, who is Justice, and Life. He will pronounce sentence. You will discover how you love justice for others but desperately want mercy for yourself. We all love to see justice but when it comes to us out comes the mitigation, the excuses, the reason and the rational with the plea for mercy.

I am a weak miserable sinner who has been on his knees and begged for mercy. Oh glorious humilty, happy embarrassment, joyous mockery for I am justified. I can stand before the judge and he will see that the work is finished, the penalty taken and the wages for sin paid.

Just so you know, this will be foolishness and seem impossible and incredulous to those who live to the world’s standard. The truth is a tougly pill for a proud man. Ask your questions, go ahead. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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