Spring Tempo

Let’s hope that the March coaching blogs were of benefit. April is going to be a more practical record of training and living. So yesterday I had an hour spinning at mixed tempo followed be a few floor exercises and balance on the gym ball. My balance needs work. That session followed a 15 mile run set the previous day Wedneday 30 March. Today I plan for another long run set.

This process is self indulgent, what the pastor of Zion Chester called a cathartic exercise. However, I did speak in March of the need to understand your heart to help set the conditions for training. So my training record will be followed by insights to my experiences in a more typical diary keeping tradition:

Last evening I attended an ‘ask a Jew’ session in the Chapel. No holds barred, question and answer session with a Jewish Rabbi. A few things struck me:

1.He was concerned about causing offence by denying the accuracy of the record of Jesus but accepted the he has lived, Jesus was a figure from history. He as assured we do not take offence indeed have been told to anticapate persecution, what we believe is a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to the Gentiles (that’s all the world’s nations by the way)

2.He repeated several times that you could ask whatever we wanted and once we leave it can be forgotton, no hard feeling. It was odd, I still can’t figure what he was so concerned about.

3.He really didn’t want to talk about Jesus. Each time I tried to link what he was saying with Jesus’s life he obfuscated and at one stage I detected a note of annoyance. The Cross is offensive, the stumbling block to the Jews and this came through.

4.His explanations were all about laws, obedience and justification for why the Jews were who they were, the fact they have an evidence based ‘religion’, his words not mine, and the difference between gentiles and Jews. There was no news! He really had no news to tell me.

My good brother Victor did a wonderful job asking them to consider Jesus. He unpacked our relationship with an all loving God, the Creator, his nature as loving, and merciful and one who always answers prayers. And then invited us all, when we are alone, to ask God to reveal his will in regard to the time together. Saying that if a seed has been planted and it is His will, then that seed will take root and grow producing good fruit. It was great and I really think it had an impact.

I had no idea that Jews don’t believe in evil, hell and the devil. One has to ask which planet are they on not to see the evil all around? Suicide bomber duh! but we didn’t have time for that. They seem to have one of these kumbaya all people are loved religions. We learned that they are on a higher level as law abiding Jews but gentiles, as long as they believe in God, are not held to such a high standard. I guess it’s cause they don’t think we have the law. While vague it was clear that there was ethnic exclusivity, if you were a Jew you were favoured and as for the rest of us, we will be fine. There was a distinct lack of love, and no recognition that we are all image bearers created with equal value dignity and worth.

I thought it would an interesting exercise to bring forward the record of past blogs. It solves two purposes. They are FB so it draws them under one banner and allows us to see if there has been maturing over the last four years as an athlete  and person.

31 July 2007 – Facebook is a new game for me but I guess I can treat this as a blog. I reckon I can use this as a training diary. I am really poor at diaries and I reckon that is reflected in my performance. So to prepare properly for IM Arizona on 10 Apr 08 I best start: 30 Jul 07 Bike and run with Rhys Thomas.

Started with 10 points and used the signs for overload periods. I won 2 nil but Rhys wasn’t really concentrating. Still we had a great ride, worked well together. It just felt like we had completed a quality sesh. It’s great training with a buddy. That’s what I missed these last couple of years.

Still I have a couple of weeks before departing for the States so must get out every day. I’m in the Solent for 40 mins between the buoys tomorrow then on the track for 6 x 500 metres

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  1. vikwab1 said:

    The prophet Isaiah said “who has believed our message and to whom has the Arm of the LORD been revealed?” (Isa 53:1). We have believed the good news, by His grace. Let us thank God for revealing His Arm of salvation to us. It takes grace to see the revealed Arm of God’s Salvation.

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