The Path to Triathlon Victory

The path to triathlon victory is beset on all sides by the iniquities of man, but great is he who perseveres through trials of distractions caused by, convenience, selfishness and idleness. Success awaits the athlete who sees his deceptive heart and takes on the protection of his commitments, hopes and dreams. Overcoming weakness and his own deliberate neglect by setting up boundaries which force his hand to finish the course. Discard your home clothes, shave those legs, clothe yourself with spandex and set up feeding stations in the farthest reaches of your training loop.  Cast aside what you feel like doing, determining what you should do, following what you have done, preparing for what you intend to do. And with the courage that says, “I can’t know if I’ll survive this course, I don’t know the struggles that await me”, leave comfort behind to embrace the storms, cold and rain, heat and dust, taking each heartbeat as a gift to enjoy in a fleeting life.

One of the greatest obstacles to your sporting success is comfort. You are bombarded as you walk down the street, at home and in the dentist waiting room with offers to make your life more comfortable. None of these people are marketing the obesity, shortage of breath, failed relationships, and illness that stems from neglecting steadfast commitment to demanding physical exercise. They’ll entice you to expensive gym membership, where you’ll find machinery that claims to give you more for less, they’ll offer yoga as an alternative to working up an honest sweat while obscuring the rewards and benefits that arise from good old fashioned, painful, exhausting but endorphin rich and deeply satisfying hard exercise.

Tearing yourself from time stealers is the toughest stage of any training session. Getting through the door, past the distractions of the phone, the kettle, the post, the email and out on mission is the next. This is why setting the conditions for success is so helpful. Have your clothes ready for the next session, have your bike prepared, get dressed into your kit, even though when you don’t feel like it. Remain watchful for distracters and when they cross your path you’ll be ready to avoid them. However, don’t be fooled for there will be times when things are not in place, your administration has failed you and the reasons not to train are overwhelming.  That’s the time to get out there. Love is an action and a commitment before it’s a feeling.  We have to love ourselves before we can love anybody else, despising yourself will not help, so show yourself some love. So give up comfort in exchange for the rewards of post exercise, deserved, rest, to be enjoyed after each session. Just get out there, and enjoy.  


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