When You Stumble

So here I am commited to offering coaching idea through March and I’ve stumbled. It’s been three days, I havn’t trained and neither have I gathered my thoughts to record the route to success.

Clearly the route to success includes stumbling. The question is does one sit in the mud feeling sorry for oneself or…? We’ll see tomorrow. In the meantime I want to point you to some useful training websites and invite you, if you have any, to share your favourites:

Fitness Mistakes

Diet Blunders

The Importance of Balance

1 comment
  1. Brother, you inspire…how I miss the office chats and runs together. Love the posts so please keep them up! So when we stumble isn’t it the force of gravity which is forcing us down but also often overlooked is the external force of the earth which is pushing us back up. So in God’s biomechanical design he desires us to look to him when we stumble or fall down. As in the wonderful Christmas song favorite
    “Born to raise the sons of earth”
    “Born to give them second birth.”
    “Hark! the herald angels sing,”
    “Glory to the New-born king!”
    Peace be with you my Brother in Christ

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