Does Paradise Exist?

Does paradise exist? yes. Will you find it here on earth? no. Can you come close? yes. Can you be distant from or close to paradise in the photo yes? Does it entail you having more stuff, less stuff, several hot young wives or one smoking hot wife? Does it entail being super fit or just healthy and content? Does it require hedonism, fidelity, chastity, celibacy, generosity or frugality?

The good news is that it requires none of the above. There is nothing you need do or can do to get close to paradise. The scary news is that for some this will be as close to paradise they’ll come and for others this is as close to hell as you will ever come.  

This is one of the great qualities of long distance triathlon it takes you to dark places where you never want to go. Who wants to be in the depths of physical fatigue where you say, “Oh death where is thy sting?”, I have been, it’s not nice. However, you know that to reach the finish you have to go through the pain because there are no shortcuts. I am wrong, there is one, it is the terribly selfish act of suicide. The ultimate act of vanity that says my needs are greater than anyone else. The act that cuts us off from all hope.

In your journey to paradise or hell you could do worse than pursuing your sporting goals with vigour. Sporting endeavour is great at showing us how deceptive our hearts are. Do you remember the best question to overcome a deceptive heart? Ask, what is the wise thing to do? In the light of past experiences, current circumstances and future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do?

Perhaps you want to be a better brother or sister, son or daughter. Or maybe learn to be a loving parent able to share wisdom with children. Perhaps you want to lean into the future for the benefit of those who will follow and one day be a grandparent with one wife, who you love deeper than ever, and know that people will come to you because you love to listen. You need no wealth get there, you don’t have to have gold medals, certificates or a brilliant mind; just a good heart overflowing with ‘just’ truth and wisdom.



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