Go to Bed!

It’s alright me firing out all these questions posing as someone looking to help but what about ‘me’, how am I doing? Making progress thank you for asking. I’ve lost half a stone, down to 74 kg, getting out most days and increased the number of pull ups I can do with ease to seven. I’ve had Creatine recommended to me as effective so giving that consideration. They say that over 40 we lose muscle easily and developing it is more difficult so I’ll think I’ll give it a go. Power to weight ratio will be important to go sub ten in July 12.

In military doctrine we have a term called force posture. It’s the disposition and status of your forces that sends messages to potential enemies. From the section patrolling in Helmand that looks alert and professional to the naval carrier fleet poised off the coast of a troubled region, there are clear messages. Our posture effects our performance. Grip a sleepy audience asking them to pay attention and you will see them shift their posture, sit up straight in order to help their bodies comply with your instruction. Your preparation for success in the sporting arena continues from when you wake each day until when you wake the next. Your diligence will have correlation to your perseverance. Proper running form is a body held tall, high hips, head held up with eyes looking above the horizon. The forearm is held at right angles to the upper arm, and above the hips. Your thighs are lifted parallel to the ground, driven forward while the elbow is forced to the rear. You are using all your core muscles to keep the body erect. Think elegance! You are looking for a graceful force posture. This posture form can be practiced seated at your desk in the office, as you brush your teeth, walk the dog or drive the car. The long term benefits of a healthy back should not be forgotten but in the short term it’s the dividends when covering long training distances that will be most obvious. You will be using your skeleton and muscular frame as it was designed. Now this will take adaption the accumulation of new habits over a period. Be gentle, make your alterations gradual to avoid injury. It will hurt as your body adapts to its natural form and you will have to adjust rest periods, intense exercise and recovery session accordingly. You’d be wise to support this approach with sensible dietary habits, plenty of anti-oxidants found in leafy green vegetables, iron and healthy carbs in rolled porridge oats. I take Omega 3,5 and 9, as recommended by physician Rhys Thomas, who says it helps improve your alertness and serves to help joints and muscle recover from strenuous exercise.

So why am I sitting crumpled in my chair with awful posture? Because like you I am work in progress and besides, sometimes it’s good to just let everything flop. So to launch this ‘improved performance through posture’ attitude the next exercise will be to go to bed! Happy Days. An extra hours sleep a night is far more value to you than an extra hour in the gym where all you are doing is increasing your chances of injury. Review your time stealers, give them up, recognize your deceptive heart will be looking to exploit your weakness and get into that bed. Enjoy.


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