Miss Understood and Other Deceptions

So how’s it going? Can you tell? Let me help. Ever said something that you have regretted? Have you ever claimed not to have really meant it, that you are sorry? Do you feel some people have the wrong perception ofyou? Perhaps you have experienced, ‘a personality clash’ with a boss or felt you have been unfairly represented by a colleague.

You may have claimed that you don’t care what people say about you, you can’t help being who you are.  Alternatively, you welcome people giving you advice, it helps. However, in the quiet times with your heart, you have a sack of reasons why you are how you are, and you hatch schemes to fix peoples’ ill-conceived perceptions of you. Their treatment of you is unfair, especially when you are, in truth, more honest, and transparent, than those two-faced work mates.

Have you heard the expression, “when you kick the bucket what spills out is what its full of”? Fill it with filth, kick it and guess what? Someone cuts you up in traffic, a child carelessly spills milk on clean clothes, drop the shower gel; that tension you feel, that’s what your bucket is full of. And that reputation you have at work? you’ve earned that. The point is when we’ve said embarrassing things that make us look an idiot, that’s because we’re idiots. If you are satisfied being the court jester, the fool, that’s because you are a fool. Get it? By the way that resentment you feel right now, the desire to dismiss my candid appraisal, that’s your conscience telling you that I am speaking truth. That’s the combat indicator that says, my heart needs a download of love!

For our next exercise I want you to practice being honest with yourself and, here’s the tough but critical part, being honest with others. Try telling someone today that you are an arrogant prig and watch their eyes for the sparkle of agreement because it’s unlikely they’ll admit they violently agree; they know you too well. When you don’t feel like training that’s fine, when there’s a distraction that delays your training session, that’s okay. Embrace your weakness, see it for what it is, a deceptive heart. We all have one we are just at different stages of perception, all work in progress.

Take joy in getting your gear on and going out to show that you can be teachable, you can pursue humility and you will overcome that ugly arrogance that has gifted you a deserved reputation. When you go to see your doctor you demand honesty. You want to know if you have only weeks to live, there are things to do. You want to know that you have cancer, you want to decide the treatment. How would you feel if your doctor hesitated ib telling you the truth? Then why expect a coach to be any different?

Love and truth go together like, cold lakes and wetsuits, cyclists and shaved legs or triathlon and lycra; love and truth were made for one another. And I love you, so I speak truth to you. If you are new to this blog and you want to back track to the beginning of the month visit http://www.whatwearebecoming.blogspot.com


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