Morning Glory

Have you ever wondered why people expect a certificate of qualification to coach but don’t expect one to parent? I remember when we needed a license for a dog and people pointed out that you didn’t need one for a child.

The reason of course centres on Love. You can’t establish a set of rules in order to get people to love and you cannot provide the commitment, provision, protection and care that can reasonably be expected from a parent without love. If I said to you I have this extensive rule book which I expect you to follow so that you will love me, do you suppose you will ever reach a stage of sacrificial, generous and overflowing love for me?

 The same goes for a coach. He or she can have all the coaching techniques memorized, have passed tests to show they can construct a comprehensive program and have an impressive portfolio of qualifications but without love he or she is impotent to serve you better. The link will take you to a guide to hiring a coach. It’s useful. It covers the range of areas you can reasonably expect a coach to have. It rightfully warns that a successful racing record isn’t the hallmark of coaching talent. Pointing out the 12 years at school doesn’t qualify us to become teachers. What’s missing from this highly objective assessment is consideration of the coach’s heart. Take a look:

Now I am not so daft as to suggest that conventional coaching techniques don’t deliver results. There are many Olympic performances to testify that they do. I am saying the most effective coach is one who empathizes and starts working on the heart with truth and love not tricks and techniques. I am proposing to you that you need to know that heart of your coach to appreciate his strengths and limitations. There is no qualification that will show this, you simply need to see the fruits ofhis or her life. Those fruits have to be cultivated with diligence, forbearance, and patience.

Your endeavours to improve performance as you pursue success are accumulative. I am not staking a claim here for a coaching plan that will deliver victory, that’s your business. What we all need is our hearts in the right condition to prepare the fertile soil in which you will you sow techniques, methods and ideas. These will grow plans that you will nurture with work that will stretch sinews, overload muscles and cause your heart and lungs to cry out for mercy. However, you will have the heart to face the torture of a high tempo interval session on the track, or an interminable training run or yet another 4hour bike ride in the rain.

The internet has a wealth of helpful guidance. There is no need for us to reinvent the wheel. Here’s a great example that you can use right away. So for you next exercise, to compliment fasting from life’s timestealers, give some thought to early morning training sets:

5 Reasons to Work Out in the Morning By Marty Munson For “I hate mornings,” said Lisa, a friend of mine who’s a bike racer and busy NYC professional, when she found out that I work out first thing in the day. Yet she’s routinely up before the sun to fit in a workout. Confession: I don’t love getting out of bed, either. See, we’re not morning people. We’re morning exercisers. It’s a misconception that you have to be one in order to be the other. The bonus of the morning plan:

Our workouts rarely get bumped.  Also, people who work out in the mornings are more likely to make exercise a habit. Not convinced? Here are five more reasons to work out in the a.m.

One Shower Work out before you get all fancy for the day and you don’t have to go through the whole shower/dry hair/moisturize routine on your lunch hour or later. It saves time, water and energy.

The Best Parties Aren’t Breakfast Parties. You’re less likely to scrap your workout for the can’t-miss-get-together with friends if you work out at daybreak. Run, walk, lift weights or whatever you do before the boss gets up and his or her “urgent”deadlines won’t pulverize your workout plans either.

Accomplishment is a Beautiful Thing.  As everyone else stumbles to the bus stop or the office, you’re flying. Not only did your workout get your energy up in a way coffee just can’t, but you are d-o-n-e! It’s a great feeling to have one “to-do” completely nixed when most people are still figuring out what’s on their lists. Less Hassle, more joy.

Mornings have less traffic, as well as less heat and humidity in the summer. Enjoy the fresh morning sounds and smells. There Is Nothing Like Morning Sunshine.  One winter morning, my running buddy broke our usual routine and led us over the Queensboro Bridge, right into the sunrise, just as the days were getting longer.

What a way to start the day! Marty Munson is a USAT Level 1 triathlon coach. Her writing has appeared in Health, Prevention, Marie Claire, and Find more triathlon tips and strategies from her and other experts in the field at


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