Homosexual Treasures

There are some outrageously pumped up men around the camps of the Hindu Kush. I have seen guys with such massive torso and arm muscles they walk as if deformed. With a kind definition of deformation being, unnatural contortion of normal physical conditioning, then they fit neatly into the category, a bit like my pronounced bow legs. Here’s the interesting issue for consideration, what’s the motive? At its simplest form it’s vanity but I propose it’s somewhat deeper than that. Could it in fact be homosexuality?

Consider my wife’s view that huge muscles are unattractive. Is her view exceptional? I suggest that many women do not see huge muscular men as particularly appealing as a mate. Perhaps a buff, lean, moderately muscular frame is an important attribute and a useful indication of health and vitality, like an Olympic swimmer perhaps, but not to the point of deformation. Now the body building community know this so you have to speculate that how their bodies are viewed by women is not a consideration in the pursuit of their shape. How about they adore the look? they love to see images in the mirror, on posters, in magazines of big strong men? It’s a standard of beauty that they appreciate, find attractive and are willing to invest time, energy and treasure to achieve, making sacrifices along the way.

I had a friend who I teased because he suffered from homophobia. He used to find the idea of homosexual men abhorrent, it would give him goose pimples. As someone who has homosexual friends, enjoys their company, has engaged with discussion about the nature of their sexuality and wants nothing more than they be loved and treated with dignity and respect, meeting homophobes is intriguing. I would tell my friend that his fear stemmed from his own latent homosexual inclinations. He felt that he was susceptible to being drawn into sexual behavior that his cultural learning taught him was wrong and would result in ridicule or persecution. The thing is that we all develop character through our habits which stem from our environment. It explains why some cultures accept man on man sex while in a heterosexual marriage. This approach also happens to be in cultures where women are not afforded equal status as men but that’s a topic for another day. These latent homosexual tendencies explain why some men have an appetite, as someone I knew well once did, for group sex involving men as well as women.

Our sexual appetites are varied, environmentally nurtured and manifest themselves in many different ways. For the pumped up, muscle bound weightlifter they are expressing their homosexual tendencies in the gym. It’s simply Paganism. The elevation of the human form to a god like status at the expense of a heart that cares more for others than itself.

I have a homosexual friend who once told me, quote, “I love homosexual sex Adrian, I just can’t get enough…”. From the abundance of his heart he spoke, showing how he elevates the sexual act above the person. I would suspect that without the sex there would be no loving the man he chooses to invest his affections in. Without readily available sex he might feel the urge to look elsewhere for sexual gratification.

This brings me to the main point of the coaching entry that we need athletes who love their bodies! You weren’t expecting that were you? However, the loving of your body needs to start with the heart. Pursuing the unfading beauty of a gentle and kind spirit. Using healthy fuel for the body and the soul. Taking care with your thoughts and words as well as actions. These are the ways athletes love their bodies and prepare for the race. Each day leading up to race has to have value. Your race day is a culmination of more than physical disciplines. 

So how did the first exercise go of listing the time stealers in your life? The next exercise is to engage in the discipline of fasting for a period of each one. The extent of the fasting will be commensurate to usage, we don’t want too many nightmares. So if you are a coffee addict, perhaps one day. If you only watch TV for a limited period, though it remains a time stealer, take a week off, then two on, then two off, until you can get through life without it; less community events like coming together to watch the Tour de France. You see where I am peddling.

Don’t forget to make a record of your disciplines – it’ll make great reading. Next time we’ll review formal coaching qualifications.


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