Fine Geometry

I feel your need to press on with facts, objectives and get moving towards performance and success. The good news is that you have started your journey by thinking through all the received wisdom and urban myth. Paying for gym membership or buying a training program is like the man who hopes for a bumper crop of vegetables, rents a neglected allotment infested with weeds, with soil lacking nutrition, buys a book and gets to scattering seeds before preparing the soil. Your heart is the foundation of success so must be carefully prepared.

Have you heard the star football player giving credit to the team for his success? “I couldn’t have done it without the lads.” The truth embedded in this cliché is that he is weak. As individuals we are weak. No matter the athletic prowess, physical power and cardio vascular efficiency against the awesome power of nature we are pathetic. You are entering a battle with nature when you put excessive physical demands on your body.

Like David you have to think the problem through. He was offered the finest armour and weapons available, the King’s own. This was the top of the range Colnago, all carbon triathlon bike of the day, the finest geometry, yet he realised it would not help. David knew the source of his strength. I love the fact that he went to the stream and selected four smooth round pebbles. Can you imagine how long it took those pebbles, that played such a vital role on the course of world history, to reach the perfect size and condition to fly fast, accurately and retain enough kinetic energy to kill Goliath? Those pebbles were immersed in the water of the stream for centuries, possibly millennia, to reach the ideal size at that moment in history.

You are weak like David. You’ll be on the path to being a successful athlete by accepting your weakness of mind, body and spirit and reject the deception of; positive talk that says you can be the greatest, you are a winner, you’re the best. We want to be athletes that’s not simply successful but good to be with, loving, helpful and generous.


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